Hey warriors!

We, Thomas and Sterre welcome you to the home page of Crossfit Qua Patet Orbis, CrossfitQPO. The official military style Crossfit Affiliate in San Antoni de Portmany, IBIZA.

First of all.. you are probably wondering where our badass Latin name choice came from. We will explain.

Head-coach and Co-owner, Thomas was raised to be a MARSOF operator in the Marine Corps in the Netherlands. The expression “Qua Patet Orbis” literally means “As far as the world extends”. Meaning that the Corps is a tight group that, anywhere in the world, always support each other and treat each other with respect. Like family.

We want to continue this atmosphere in our Box. It will therefore be a green box, which is a representation of the military atmosphere.

For us the most important thing is that you guys feel safe and happy. Creating a place where you can kick your own ass, grow as a person, and sweat like a beast. Together we will become a warrior community.

We hope to see you soon at CrossfitQPO, IBIZA. Please feel free to contact us or drop by in the box.

Sporty and sunny greetings from,

Thomas & Sterre.

Head-coaches and owners of CrossfitQPO.

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