CrossFit QPO



We all start somewhere. And we’ve all been there.

Just like all beginnings, they can be hard. Moving to another place or country, starting a new relationship, job or education or a new experience you have never done before.

You can feel a bit insecure or even anxious, maybe the people who are there look so confident and use a language or terms that you never ever heard about.

And even though you are probably very excited about what you are going to be starting. It still can be quite overwhelming at first.

Also, CrossFit is/can be hard and overwhelming at the beginning, all the new people, new environment, new terms and exercises. Things that you don’t understand the first 5-10 lessons and start mastering after probably a few years of training.

It can feel out of reach but thrust us as coaches and athletes and thrust the process. It will get better, it will be so much fun, you will integrate super easy and if you come regularly, you will get fitter, faster and healthier. 

(On the right a picture of Thomas during his training to become a military at the age of 20)

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