CrossFit QPO

Coach Thomas


Thomas joined the Military at the age of 20. He served in the Netherlands. For over 10 years.

After serving 5 years as a marine and traveling the world. He had trained in all kinds of environments from the jungles to the desert to the north-pole and completed several missions.

The last 5 years Thomas joined the special forces (MARSOF) of the Netherlands, M-squadron. A counter terrorist unit.

Due all his experiences he now has a solid base to coach others to perform at their best and becoming stronger both physically and mentally.

Before starting CrossFit Thomas always trained a-lot.

In the military he walked (a hell of a lot), climbed, jumped, crawled, swam and who knows what more.. all physical challenges with little to no sleep. 

During his work in the military, he challenged himself to running a marathon, he managed to do so in 3:30.

Then he needed another challenge, so he started CrossFit and weightlifting five years ago and managed to be placed 11th in the Netherlands in the CrossFit Open in 2019. His former dream was to become the fittest in the Netherlands.

After COVID-19 and no place to train, Thomas was forced to take a few steps back in training.

His plan now is to pick his training routine along sides coaching, challenging himself again to grow.

Some PRs on the barbell: Clean & jerk 145 kg - Snatch 108 kg - Deadlift 210 kg - Bench-press 145 kg - Squat 195 kg.
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