CrossFit QPO

Coach Sterre


The young woman next to our MARSOF operator, is Sterre.

She is a one-of-a-kind powerhouse with a gentle and sweet side. Someone who supports you and coach you but also make you sweat like a beast.

She comes from an athletic background as a figure-skater in Holland. Skating seven times a week and practicing ballet and strength-training in addition to perform better as a skater. She competed in the Netherlands and Belgium and did several training camps in France and Austria.

After 10 years she quit skating to start her study to become an Art Therapist. This means she is educated as a therapist who in addition uses the expressive way of art as a medium to help people express their feelings and be more aware of their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

In the future she will integrate this within CrossFitQPO to help people grow mentally next to helping them grow physically doing what she loves to do most, (coaching) CrossFit.

 When she quit skating in 2015, to go study, she started doing CrossFit.

She trained here for four years, learning all the basics about CrossFit and its community.

When she moved, she switched boxes and started training at CrossFit Sero in the Netherlands. Here she started teaching after completing her LV-1 teaching course.

Now after two years of teaching and almost 7 years of doing CrossFit, it is time for her to teach in their own box here in Ibiza!

Some PRs on the barbell: - Clean & jerk 75kg - Snatch 65kg - Deadlift 115kg - Bench-press 65kg - Squat 100kg
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