CrossFit QPO

Coach Marcos


Marcos is our 28 year Ibicenco. He is born and raised in Ibiza and always have had a great love for the people and the island. 

At the age of 16, he finished his studies and started working in the family restaurant. He enjoyed this very much and learned a lot. 

A few years ago, his family decided to rent the restaurant and stop with the family business. Marcos took the opportunity to leave the island and live in Barcelona for a year where he continued his academic training in the hotel and catering industry and continued working. 

Shortly he came back to Ibiza. Then COVID appeared and everything on the island stopped, fortunately he had the opportunity to work in a testing company for COVID what he enjoyed a lot travelling around the island with a van. 

Throughout his life he has practiced different sports. Fighting sports like judo and boxing. But also, fitness, tennis, and other contact sports. He has a great interest in the human capacity to reach physical and mental limits in sports. 

In 2020 Marcos got to know about CrossFit. He was amazed about what the people were doing with a barbell, dumbbells and even walk on their hands. 

So, he was determined to start his own CrossFit career. Now after two years of hard training he would never have thought to be in a QPO trainer position. But he really likes it a lot. 

What he loves most about CrossFit is that every day is a new challenge, and everyone gets the chance to cross their own limits at their own level. As a coach he enjoys seeing the look on people’s faces of satisfaction when they did it.


Some PRs on the barbell: Clean & jerk 100 kg - Snatch 80 kg - Deadlift 180 kg - Bench-press 100 kg - Squat 140 kg.
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